The Fine Beauty of the Island​ - Technical Requirements

Two channels: one vocal, one instrumental

Vocal: Artist will supply and use a wireless lavalier (lapel) mic system (Sennheiser 300 series) which accommodates 1/4″ or XLR connections.

Instrumental: Artist will supply and use a direct line pre-amp which accommodates 1/4″ connections. Venue should supply a D.I. box.

The venue must supply a standard sound reinforcement system: mixing board, amplifier, and speakers.

Artist asks that the venue supply:
Two new 9 volt alkaline batteries for the wireless units.

No mic stands or monitors will be used.

There is no scenery, but artist asks that the venue supply:
One wooden chair (folding chair height)
One wooden stool (approximately 3 feet high)
One short wooden table (approximately 2 ‘ × 2’ for water glass and props).
A low stool may be substituted for the table.